Friday 6 July 2018

Jugaad Kitchen - Gurgaon!

Happened to be here on a chance Sunday evening. A nicely done small eatery, with a nice spread of everything Indian. Must be wondering if the name Jugaad is just for the sake of it, or there is really some jugaad in the affair. Yes, there is. They serve jugaad combos, very very affordably priced, serving great portions of dal makhni...rice/bread of choice, and a typical spicy curry you choose from the menu. The portion size is so big that one such combo can serve little less than two as well 😝 we went for paneer tikka masala and kadhai chicken. Wont recommend kadhai chicken as wrong order. Paneer was typical though..,but nice. So do order one combo of choice to really hog on jugaad.
I also happened to order Dahi k kebab..,it was nice. And some beverages to go with the whole mean, just complementing the plate, not out of the world.

Taste bud yell: indian food craving just met right
Pocket shouts: super light
When I look around: just eat your food and get going
Waiting time for tummy: not much
My hosts: gentle and caring, genuinely sought feedback

Keep Gorging!
Foodie Panda

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