Friday 6 July 2018

Crepe-Fe - Gurgaon!

Visited the tiny outlet of Crep-fe in Banni's Square. By the way, all the food joints here are tiny and that let's you get a palate of so many different cuisines at one place. I like the place for the sheer calm against the chaos of all other popular malls and hangout places. 
 Coming to Crepe-fe, this is definitely premium because of which you may decide to give it a miss. But step in and you will feel the difference. They have managed to put up an up-market set-up, with contemporary decor. Even the tiny place is so well lit up, you don't feel congested. And staff goes all the way to make you feel comfortable and valued, unlike several other waffle and take away joints. At least going by my experience, the staff barely cares, rather they don't have the time to look up and bother. Here you are pleasantly greeted, escorted upstairs and offered mint-lime water.
As you walk up, the walls are decked up with all the offerings in glow boards. I eat the best Waffle in Gurgaon here. Others basically make it a batch process affair. Here you feel the exclusivity. The Waffle is fresh, neither thin or think to extreme, and crisp. Brilliantly done. And they take out time to
fill in all the troughs with Nutella and stand banana slices in each, again instead of scattering all over. I have the picture here, see for yourself. I had got them to deliver these with maple syrup once, and was equally awed by packaging and the freshness ensured. If you think you have had it, enough of waffles, trust me you are not done yet.
Won't take this long for rest, they serve bagel, not the tiny ones, but a really big one with many many varieties, I took paneer tikka. Indianised! But planning to pick up a different lighter one next time. They serve a whole range of gelato and sorbet as well. I happened to pick Belgian kitkat, which was smoothness with chunks of crisps.
Other items they serve and I could not try were pancakes, crepes. I am super curious to try out the crepes next. You definitely end up paying more. But you will not mind, because you know they have compelled you to leave wanting to come back again.

Taste buds yell: I am just not done yet
Pocket shouts: Heavy for tiny outlet
When I look around: Posh, neat, Lit-up, Lively
Waiting time for tummy: Not much really
My Hosts: You are taken care of with a smile and perfectly guided through the varieties and flavors

Keep Gorging!
Foodie Panda
Crepe-fe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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