Thursday 6 April 2017

Zaitoon - Bangalore!

Haven for non-vegetarians. And vegetarians, please buzz off, even if you see the section in the menu.
A simple family dining set-up, minimal decor, but great food. Ensure you are heading with the right company as you are going to have a gala time with food.

They have a lot to offer both Arabic and Mughlai. I was anxious to discover Arabic. We started off with BBQ pepper fry, absolutely bang on! I always want my bbq uniformly roasted post ample marination. And I was not disappointed. The pieces were done right left, right, center. We also ordered skewers, think they were Moroccan chicken. Again dry roast with flavors oozing out. Every thing was served on a bed of Koobus, with a side of hummus. The whole combination was new to me, presentation as well as Koobus with any dry variant you order. Though I was done after these two, Mutton biryani was a big recommendation at this place. I was not very impressed with the flavor of the biryani as a whole, but mutton in there was cooked nice. I was told it was not my biryani time at the place.
The menu is lot more exciting than what I could manage to explore, I may need 2-3 more visits to do justice with fish and prawn sections as well. Planning to put up another post for Zaitoon, if things click and push me enough to share again.

Taste buds yell: I am just not done yet
Pocket shouts: Super light
When I look around: Well lit, simple dine-in
Waiting time for tummy: Don’t mind if you get your food roasted right

Keep Gorging!
Foodie Panda

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