Sunday 13 March 2016

The Hole in the wall Cafe - Bangalore

It's a cafe carved out of a normal house amidst the bustle of the city. They serve breakfast menu round the clock. I have been here always for a brunch on a weekend. I will quickly wrap up the bad about this place. You got to brace yourselves up for a long long waiting time. I really wonder, I have never given up and have always pulled it off. Place is small and crowded. You are fortunate if you manage a table upstairs. Some air to breath, if you remember at all to, once food is on table.
Now let's check out the menu. I really appreciate the way menus is designed, a lot of effort has gone in connoting each name and then curating a very simple apt explanation. The Chicken Hole 9 Yard Hash makes the perfect start and goes great with fresh guava juice served here. It's really wholesome with almost all variants of chicken - salami, sausage, ham tossed with jalapenos, hash browns, capsicum, mushrooms. Topped with Fried eggs. Yeah highly recommended. Next in line is definitely The Chicken Steak Burger, with crumbs of tender chicken, just fried right and dipped in BBQ and then layered with coleslaw. I hate fried chicken otherwise, but this steak version is something even KFC should explore. They serve Naked burger also with fries. Some vegetarian sandwiches also could make to my list, specially the simple Spinach and corn. Omlette was also good, but would have liked it more, if the toppings would have got a chance to blend with the egg, rather than being served as a separate layer. There are many platters' where they serve cutlets with baked beans. I am personally not a fan of baked beans, so you rather take your own plunge.
Coming to drinks, would not give even a 3 on 5 to the coffee and tea. But actually I don't complain about it much because of the variety of fresh seasonal fruit juice served here. I just chose from a guava, watermelon, grape, mango and never get enough.
After all of this, if you manage only 1 dessert, has to be plain waffle with caramelized banana. If you see scope for 1 more then it has to be chocolate waffle with extra dips of Nutella. An honest confession, I have never been able to ditch waffles to make it to pan cakes. Next time may be :D
This place never needed a review, but today's brunch was dying to get penned down!

Taste buds yell: More!
Pocket shouts: I can take that!
When I look around: Homely
Waiting time for tummy: Almost tears in my eyes!

Keep gorging!
- Foodie Panda

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