Sunday 13 March 2016

Conçu - Hyderabad

Conçu (consu it reads) is the best stand alone patisserie in Hyderabad, hands down. It is a concept café living every bit to it’s name. Be it the serene white bunglow, it is nested in, the minimalist décor with confectionaries’ sketches hanging amidst the floral summer’s theme or even the simple wooden plating they stick to, to hand you over the piece of art they have crafted intricately to take you into a trance called concu, they have just nailed it perfect.
To know that the man behind this bakery has already baked for Queen of London just affirms the genesis of such fine baking. If you pick their mango tart, even the small mango scoops of mango have been taken out with an eye of perfection. The cupcakes are densely creamy top and fluffy bottom, both chocolate and red velvet will top my recommendations. Macarons simply melt in the mouth, the best I have had till date. Millefeuille will surprise you with the way layers of jam and cream play absolutely in tandem with each other, no matter from which corner you dig in the bite. Chocolate sandwich wrapping layers of mousse with drenched brownie layers is again a simple but yummy treat. Tiramisu happens to be favorite among my pals and no doubt it looks the authentic tiramisu, but I am little uncomfortable as soon as I hit the spongy layer beneath the cream. To keep the layer from feeling dry something goes in which I does not taste only of coffee, which I feel, should. Cheesecake is also little more on the sweeter side. I will close the review with Choc-opera. If you are someone who likes dessert, not the very sweet ones like me, then this will be the best pick. Chocolate with walnuts laid out under crunchy wafers and beautifully topped with a cute little macaron will simply burst in your mouth no less than a live Opera if you understand the emotions of flavors.
They serve a range of smoothies and drinks as well just for company. For a leisurely chatter on a weekend, this is the place to be at. The place is very casual with Self-service. Chose a dessert, take it on a wooden tray, then you are on your own, find a place, if not inside the airy portico outside is all yours!

Taste buds yell: More!
Pocket shouts: Ouch
When I look around: Parisian
Waiting time for tummy: Who Cares!
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