Saturday 16 May 2015

Ziti Bar & Kitchen - Hyderabad

Went to this place for lunch on a weekday. A friend recommended and a group of 8 people headed to have a sumptuous meal. Considering it was a weekday, there were hardly any customers there (as expected) so I would not penalize them for that and give them a benefit of doubt. Coming to food, the vegetarian was below par, actually way below par. We tried the vegetarian Grilled Pizza, Hara bhara Kebab and Classic Arrabbiata Pasta and none of it is worth mention. The non veg items like Chicken Steak and another with sausage was good though. What I really liked about the place was the presentation of the drinks. They did it really well, and both cocktails and LIT was pretty good. The ambiance was nice and dark, giving it a club like feel, the bike and the Pool table lending some quirky flavor to it. The service however was very slow. i wonder what would have happened, had there been more customers!

Taste buds yell: Blah!
Pocket shouts: Slightly Heavy
When I look around: Quirky and Grunge
Waiting time for tummy: Might start a quick eat counter near it

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda

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