Friday 8 May 2015

Hazzel - Hyderabad!

However I have frequented the Gachibowli branch more often than the Jubilee one considering it’s closer to my place but this one doesn’t disappoint either. The main reason I visit this is the fact that it is probably the only joint open at 2 in the night and that is when I crave food the most. The amazing chic-o-holic sizzler is just a plus! I would have preferred the Classic Vanilla Sizzler more, as that was how we originally tried it in form of CCD’s Sizzling Brownie but the Vanilla Ice cream is not that great and so I have no choice but to go for the Chocolate one. The Fries are decent and the Cappuccino is strong and nice. The Rich Cold Coffee is definitely not worth your buck because it’s rich only in Sugar and hardly any Coffee. I am looking forward to having the Sugarfree Mango Scoop but both the times I went to try that, it was over. Probably I need to be there before 2 to try that ;)

Taste Buds: Sweet
Pocket Shouts: Slightly Heavy
When I look around: Blue, Yellow and Vibrant
Waiting Time for Tummy: Quick

Keep Gorging!
-Foodie Panda
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