Friday 8 May 2015

Habanero - Hyderabad!


There was a lot of buzz about the new tex-mex themed restaurant in town. So was raring to be there for quite some time now. The name itself interested me a lot; Habanero, and on entering, the hot round peppers making the logo itself, raised my expectations on authenticity of the dishes. The décor was also very lively with subtle yellowish paintings making the foodie excited. There was an amazing warmth and cheerfulness to the place, perfectly complementing the cheerful company I had.
The menu was so huge in size with a huge habanero inviting you to flip through. We went for chicken wings with ranch sauce. The otherwise normal wings simply went a notch above with this sauce. Chili cheese fries also surprised us as the molten cheese evenly spread over the fries and beans. Going with the décor, oh that yellow fresh ripe Mango Margarita was simply heaven!! As per the manager’s suggestions we went for Burrito rice bowl with Grilled chicken. I had some complains about the way all of the constituents were mixed and served. I somehow felt, the grilled chicken could not retain its flavors and crunch. And of course the fresh salad did not feel that fresh. However, the soft taco shells with paneer filling were great. Again, the way it was served, I could clearly distinguish the filling from the tortillas, beautifully blend by the cream and the green sauce. The red Mexican rice kept waiting by tortilla’s side, with that exquisite color bestowed by tomato, can be savored in silo. At least that is how I approached my platter. 
The most awaited was the time for dessert and Tres Leches Cake just nailed it. Utterly soft cake served with shot of vanilla essence, milk and raspberry jam, was as luscious as it looked. The pomegranate and the sprinkled orange pulp went very well with the sweet treat. It was so sweet that the chocolate crumble cake tasted extra dark and just failed to compete.
Done with the food, I feel that the staff could better help the guest on the wonderful menu.

Taste buds: Over-joyed
Pocket shouts: Very heavy
When I look around: Beautifully yellow
Waiting time for tummy: Little long

Keep Gorging!
-Foodie Panda

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