Sunday 17 May 2015

Cafe Coffee Day, Gachibowli - Hyderabad

Well, I am a coffee lover and a CCD fan. There’s no point reviewing the coffee from CCD as we all know it is the  best and the no. of outlets it has across the nation bears a testimony to that fact. So I would rather write about other finer aspects of the service, like ambience, service quality, preparation, staff etc. To be frank I have been very disappointed with the experience specially in this outlet and the other one in Gachibowli. I usually go in around 9:30 after office hours and although it is mentioned in zomato that it is open till 11:00, I have never seen it open beyond 10:00 PM. Infact right after 9:30 they would start saying that it is closing time and they would only be able to take orders for takeaways. I like to drink my Coffee relaxing and in leisure, not with someone sitting on my head and constantly giving me a reminder that it’s their closing time. This has caused me to look for other options in Hyderabad for Coffee, even though my favorite still remains CCD. Coming to the recommendations, I think nothing can beat their Cafe Frappe, Chocolate Fantasy, Sizzling Brownie and Cappuccino (only when they are prepared right). Many a times they screwed up the Frappe, but they were courteous enough to do it all over again once I made the point, which is definitely good. The seating is good and mostly  full, but it could have been more spaced as people sometimes just bump into each other and cannot have a private conversation. My love for CCD restricted me from giving it a less than 3, but it deserves less for sure!

Taste Buds: Coffeeee
Pocket Shouts: Slightly Heavy
When I look around: Vibrant, but be more professional
Waiting Time for Tummy: Quick

Keep Gorging!
-Foodie Panda
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