Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hyderabad Baking Company - Marriott Hyderabad

The Hyderabad baking company is the bakery counter in Marriott Hotel, which is supposed to be a 5 star hotel, but unfortunately the service is very poor! The ambiance and the quality of food is undoubtedly good, but that's not what you go for in a 5 star! Forget a 5 star service it wasn't even close to decent. I had to wait for almost 20 minutes before the waiter brought us the change, after paying the bill and that too after asking him thrice for it! Talking about the bakery the cappuccino was pretty good with the right mix of coffee and milk, however it could have been a tad less strong. The cold coffee was forgettable and the lesser we talk about it, the better. The desserts looked really delicious but the taste didn't quite match up with the looks. The red velvet cake was way too sweet. The cherry and the cheese content was fine, but the white chocolate made it too sweet for me to even relish it til the end. All in all, a good experience, but only if you forget that you went to a 5 star.

Coffee buds: Elated
Pocket shouts: Moderate
What I sense around: Too crowded and beautiful live music from the restaurant
Waiting time for tummy: Quick

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda
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