Thursday, 5 March 2015

Heart Cup Coffee - Hyderabad

As you pass by this lane of Jubilee Hills, you just cannot miss The big Heart Cup Coffee, right up there on the wall. I am not sure if they hold karaoke like their sister outlet Heart Cup Cafe, but yes I would love to be here without any pre-conceived opinion comparing with their café partner. Be it amidst the warm winter sunlight, a light brunch with sips of coffee on their roof top lounge, or a happening live music night with friends, seated around the open air bar constructed in a hut. This certainly reminds of the shacks in front of the silent waves on the beaches of South Goa. 
Over the weekends, invariably the place draws the cosmo crowd of the region. Coming to the food, again vegetarians may feel a little ignored. The non-veg offerings are many to choose from. The Chicken lasagna is best in Hyderabad I would say. Nachos with lumps of saucy chicken heaped over them with immensely fervid allure provide best blend of crunchy Nachos and soft delicately sautéed chicken. Here you just cannot go wrong with any of the oven baked pizzas. Once done with the regular stuff, if you are really keen on experimenting, go for Reshmi Kebab. The experimentation from chef will be very apparent through the fluffy egg white coat around. Stuffed mushroom will be another delightful surprise with an equally engaging dip sealed with jalapenos.
Drinks are served creatively. You get to see, even inverted Red bull cans over your cocktail! Peach Iced tea was good specially because of keeping a check on the right amount of sweetness. Tiramisu was right on the coffee side, but lacked little on the punch of rum.
Only complain is on the service which is just not at par with the concept of the place. The waiters are clueless about on most of the menu, which kind of puts you off while placing the order. 
Overall it will be an excellent leisurely indulgence!

Taste buds: Elated
Pocket shouts: Heavy
When I look around: An enclosed shack in Goa 
Waiting time for tummy: Not very long

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda
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