Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Flying Spaghetti Monster - Hyderabad

Just when you would be bumping onto the Tabula Rasa board at the dead end of the road, all baffled, look at your left. There it is Flying Spaghetti Monster. A logo would be hanging high off the building, a little weird one, but if you read through you will find it real creative as well. When you step in, the indoors and outdoors, both are brilliantly done. You done feel very stuffed even when the restaurant is running full.
Over and above all of this when the waiter approaches, the experience goes to the next level altogether. The menu is designed aptly to convey the authenticity of every dish served. Not only this, for many among us, who might find difficulty in put up the right order, the waiters so wonderfully guide you through. It was very apparent that they knew every detail about everything that was in the menu. Bruschettas, crisp bread, veggies, stuffed mushroom and many other exciting antipasti. For a lazy brunch, there is no dearth of refreshing insalate options. Pasta al forno was lip-smacking. I remember having swept it clean in no time. Wood fired pizza with that thin crust once again gave that wow Italian flavor. There was no usual over-do of cheese I must say, that usually takes away the pizza-ness from all that we frequently stuff in.
If you let me take you dessert order, I would not let you go without the Tiramisu and Pina Cotta. The plating itself was so tantalizing that you would hold yourself back, before digging in. But you will give in no time. Yes. And both of these just would make your day, by melting and triggering blasts of heavenly flavors.
Best authentic Italian experience is here in Hyderabad. The rest you had till date in name of Italian will seem sins you would not like to commit again!

Taste buds: Thrilled
Pocket shouts: Heavy
When I look around: Den of the Spaghetti Monster
Waiting time for tummy: Authenticity is worth this little wait

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda
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