Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Eat India Company - Hyderabad

Nice traditional d├ęcor with tinge of blue all around provides very lively vibes just as you step in. The furniture and colorful cushions add up to the theme. Live music also hums soothing melody, all set to provide a perfect ambiance for a great experience!
But alas, a food joint cannot make up for the quality and taste of food it serves with a wondrous ambience, though we would not complain for the opposite. We would not mind sitting on utterly uncomfortable chairs to taste some utterly delicious food, served with a delightful smile. Here, somehow everything is screwed up. The starters are moderately doable only for the non-vegetarians. Vegetarians suffer right from starters to the main course. Paneer Angara Tikka was terrible. Dahi ka kebab was good. But through the main course there was no respite for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Murgh Makhmali was something I made a repeat order for.  As for the rest, I do not even remember much from the menu, other than the push each of us had to exert, to minimize the left-over. Among hard-core foodies such occasions are very rare, when instead of staring at emptied plates, each had convince other to take an extra bite. We would rather fight over the last bite than pretending to merrily offer an extra bite. You still me to elaborate on dessert?

Taste buds yell: Infuriated
Pocket shouts: Very heavy
When I look around: Only good thing, if you made to ignore service
Waiting time for tummy: Long 

Keep Gorging
- Foodie Panda
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