Thursday, 5 March 2015

Big Fork - Hyderabad!

For those who have been frequenting Sweet Nirvana, you are not going to miss it, as it has been wonderfully revamped into Big fork, with the stark logo, compelling you to stop by. The colorful bicycles with flower- laden baskets hanging on the wall, give a unique fresh look to the place, inviting you to climb upstairs and explore. The place has outdoors set on a lush green lawn, which is a peaceful open air dine-in, with road, not taken much, by side. The indoors are good, though not exceptional. 
Service is really good, all the waiters trying their best to enrich your experience. The team being headed by a manager like waiter, who guides you through the minute details of the authentic American dishes in a way that, you know not only what all went into the making, but how exquisitely chef has worked at every level. Coming to the food, authenticity is very apparent when you flip by this seriously non-orthodox menu. My experiment started with Ricotta stuffed Grilled Zucchini, and the moment it was served I was literally awed. The plating is what I went gaga over. Plating is something I can rate this joint at par with a 5-star. I mean it. Even the vinegar was so meticulously strewn. Stuffed Mushroom with Brocolli is yet another brilliance. If you are for a lunch or brunch, please do not forget to pair it with Watermelon Kafir or Guava twist. Chicken roasted in thyme and orange also over-shoot my expectations. The orange was astoundingly just right. Similar was the case with my dessert. To appease my curiosity as to how chilli will go with a dessert menu, I ordered, chocolate chilli mousse. Believe it or not, after every bite, you will get a mild hit of chilli, actually taking your sweet tooth by surprise. 
This is a pleasing break from the regular menu you choose from. And for plating I will rate this place 10 on 10! Find out for yourself if this is an exaggeration.

Taste buds: Pleased
Pocket shouts: Heavy
When I look around: It is summer and spring all around
Waiting time for tummy: Not very long
Keep Gorging !
- Foodie Panda
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