Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Barbeque Nation - Hyderabad

The place is just another outlet of the MNC chain. I always pity the ‘Vegetarians’ for choosing and being excited about footing heavily at this place, for almost nothing against their non-veg counterparts. And for non-vegetarian grill lovers this is no less than heaven. 
The interiors are nicely done, but little congested. Again, who care! As soon as the grill is set on the table, you just happen to forget the world and it’s worries. All you care about is, just stuffing in the fresh grilled range, you grease and serve yourself, to the right match of crisp outside with soft inside. There are mustard fish, chicken and prawns. People call these starters. I refrain from doing so here, as I am here for these, and do not bother which part of the four course they belong with. So, as you deck these grilled chunks on your plate, the attentive waiters, keeps offering you some other variants, like chicken leg pieces fresh from Tandoor, mutton steak, Dahi ka kebab and some potato. All this while, when some vegetarians, to cope with their miseries yell about grilled Pineapples, which we otherwise choose to overlook. But yes, it is good. If your tummy is done in and out, and you are sure about that, just lower the flag down, so the waiters know, they can rest and do not need check if you want more.
Frankly speaking this is all of BBQ nation. Rest to follow is illusion. I do not mind skipping main course here. This one being in Hyderabad, is expected to excel at Biryani, but fails miserably. Must say, it was way too bland. One surprise is the Rasgulle ki subzi, which is rare to find. This experiment is worth a shot; a very good balance of sweet and sour. This is a very restless phase of this food extravaganza as you will die to jump on to desserts. Traditional pick will be Brownies with hot chocolate. But mango mousse may also share some dessert space. And a pleasant surprise in the dessert is the customized Kulfi range. For me the Pan flavor tops. No matter how lazy I am otherwise, at BBQ nation, it is always early bird for me.

Taste buds: Elated 
Pocket shouts: Heavy (Non-vegetarians) and very very very heavy (Vegetarians)
When I look around: Dim lit dining space, with the trade-mark grill on every table 
Waiting time for tummy: Quick 

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda 
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