Sunday 29 March 2015

4 Seasons - Hyderabad

This place is very centrally located in one of the housing apartments. Though I pass by the lane in front, every day while travelling to my office, I really wonder how it took me eight months to check this out. Anyways, better late than never! The place looks and feels decent. Bit cluttered on weekends and especially when office-goers chose to dine out on a Friday. Still we managed a good corner. Service is quick, but the staff and their etiquette is nowhere close to the legacy of the dishes served. I cannot comment much on the soup and similar appetizers. But food is so good that, you would start questioning the Mughlai and Lebanese cuisine you happened to have had till now in Hyderabad. Biryani is better than all the famous tags I have tasted till now. Mirchi ka salan, which has been neglected in all the reputed biryani houses, needs a special mention when you are in 4 seasons. Apart from Biryani, Kabsa Laham, a Lebanese dish, is a must try here. This is a mixed rice dish, which has a very deft combination of spices, keeping in mind they do not over-power the overall dish. The mutton simply melts. The mint and mayo dip simply work as the icing on the cake. I think I have talked enough to ensure Kabsa Laham tops your order. Arabic platter which comfortably serves two can also be given a try, if you afford to forgo any of the two earlier dishes in your subsequent visits. I also liked mild spiced Mughlai Murgh Kebab and very hot Phuket Fish. In fact, Phuket fish is where KFC drew its inspiration for the new Hot and Saucy launch. 
With this heavy main course I could not dare think of dessert, though I have heard good things about ‘double ka meetha’. Drinks are a big turn off. I will recommend only basic lemonade to mitigate the repercussions of this heavy menu.

Taste buds: Over-joyed (only if you are a non-vegetarian)
Pocket shouts: Little heavy
When I look around: Staff could have better helped with menu
Waiting time for tummy: Not very long

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda

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Monday 16 March 2015

Pizza Den - Hyderabad

Being an immigrant in the city, came to hear about this place from many local colleagues. After Biryanis, this is something everyone had to vouch for. In the crowded area of the Paradise Circle, if you are intrigues by a flight of stairs buzzing with parents and kids, young and old, know that you are right there, Pizza Den. If you are expecting some child of Dominos or Pizza, just refrain. This is a place for Indian Pizza with its own range of toppings. You can browse through the menu for cheese onion, Italian herb etc. But don’t miss the Indian Masala.
If you talk to a Hyderabadi, you will feel the Nostalgia woven around this place in their lives. It is a small take-away counter. You need to wait for your turn to place the order and collect a token. If you are lucky enough you may find some pace on the side steps for yourself. Else the bonnet of your car, or seat of your bike is all that you got to stand around. Then patiently, some 20 minutes, on a Sunday, you need to wait for a boy to shout out your token no. It is kind of weird but fun at the same time. The place surprisingly manages to deliver the same old taste unadulterated over the years. You will notice many happy kids collecting their parcel and perching on the back-seat of bikes, grabbing daddies with one hand and the pizza, they just can’t wait to a take a bite of, in the other, hurling their daddies to rush home fast. Not just pizzas, Pizza den comes with a unique range of ice creams also, nutty chocolate and mango fruity. The store opens at 5 in the evening and runs till 10 at night and that’s about it. So better make it on time!

Taste buds yell: Who said we wanted pizza Italian way only
Pocket shouts: Very light
When I look around: Just a take-away counter
Waiting time for tummy: 20 mins, if only it is a holiday

Keep Gorging!
-Foodie Panda
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Sunday 15 March 2015

Hyderabad Baking Company - Marriott Hyderabad

The Hyderabad baking company is the bakery counter in Marriott Hotel, which is supposed to be a 5 star hotel, but unfortunately the service is very poor! The ambiance and the quality of food is undoubtedly good, but that's not what you go for in a 5 star! Forget a 5 star service it wasn't even close to decent. I had to wait for almost 20 minutes before the waiter brought us the change, after paying the bill and that too after asking him thrice for it! Talking about the bakery the cappuccino was pretty good with the right mix of coffee and milk, however it could have been a tad less strong. The cold coffee was forgettable and the lesser we talk about it, the better. The desserts looked really delicious but the taste didn't quite match up with the looks. The red velvet cake was way too sweet. The cherry and the cheese content was fine, but the white chocolate made it too sweet for me to even relish it til the end. All in all, a good experience, but only if you forget that you went to a 5 star.

Coffee buds: Elated
Pocket shouts: Moderate
What I sense around: Too crowded and beautiful live music from the restaurant
Waiting time for tummy: Quick

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda
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Saturday 14 March 2015

Tabula Rasa - Hyderabad

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Just when you hit the dead-end of the road, you bump onto a huge rock, with Tabula Rasa on it. Then you look around to find nothing around of the sort. There is a narrow lane paving the way to this hidden place. As you enter, a very secluded wooden open hut, with high-rise chairs all around, shaped like a bar. Beautiful lamps flickering dim light through hand crafted baskets, hanging from the roof. But you would definitely choose, to sit with a candle on the benches with rounded stones laid all around.
This is a perfect place for a blissful birthday or some special celebration. The location is such that, it is not very crowded, many a times, you might be the only one group on a group dinner date. For a brief time though, you will feel, as if you own this place. 
The waiters and the dinner menu are the same as those of Flying Spaghetti Monster. You can refer to :
my review on Flying Spaghetti Monster.
For ambiance, it deserves nothing less than 10 on 10.
Disclaimer – Mosquitoes are the only bothering element. 

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda
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Wednesday 11 March 2015

Barbeque Nation - Hyderabad

The place is just another outlet of the MNC chain. I always pity the ‘Vegetarians’ for choosing and being excited about footing heavily at this place, for almost nothing against their non-veg counterparts. And for non-vegetarian grill lovers this is no less than heaven. 
The interiors are nicely done, but little congested. Again, who care! As soon as the grill is set on the table, you just happen to forget the world and it’s worries. All you care about is, just stuffing in the fresh grilled range, you grease and serve yourself, to the right match of crisp outside with soft inside. There are mustard fish, chicken and prawns. People call these starters. I refrain from doing so here, as I am here for these, and do not bother which part of the four course they belong with. So, as you deck these grilled chunks on your plate, the attentive waiters, keeps offering you some other variants, like chicken leg pieces fresh from Tandoor, mutton steak, Dahi ka kebab and some potato. All this while, when some vegetarians, to cope with their miseries yell about grilled Pineapples, which we otherwise choose to overlook. But yes, it is good. If your tummy is done in and out, and you are sure about that, just lower the flag down, so the waiters know, they can rest and do not need check if you want more.
Frankly speaking this is all of BBQ nation. Rest to follow is illusion. I do not mind skipping main course here. This one being in Hyderabad, is expected to excel at Biryani, but fails miserably. Must say, it was way too bland. One surprise is the Rasgulle ki subzi, which is rare to find. This experiment is worth a shot; a very good balance of sweet and sour. This is a very restless phase of this food extravaganza as you will die to jump on to desserts. Traditional pick will be Brownies with hot chocolate. But mango mousse may also share some dessert space. And a pleasant surprise in the dessert is the customized Kulfi range. For me the Pan flavor tops. No matter how lazy I am otherwise, at BBQ nation, it is always early bird for me.

Taste buds: Elated 
Pocket shouts: Heavy (Non-vegetarians) and very very very heavy (Vegetarians)
When I look around: Dim lit dining space, with the trade-mark grill on every table 
Waiting time for tummy: Quick 

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda 
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Friday 6 March 2015

Starbucks - Jubilee Hills - Hyderabad

Though Starbucks has foot-print in almost every mall and most frequented part of Hitec City, this specific outlet, in Film Nagar, has little exclusivity to itself. Being the first Starbucks in the city, somehow, every coffee lover has tried to grab a sip of his/her choice at the earliest, never mind if it took, standing a queue from counter, stretching up to the road outside. The big Starbucks mermaid in all her green, invites you to taste the best brewed coffee in the place. 
Needless to say, it's frappe's, Java Chip, White Chocolate Mocha etc., all come with originals intact. I cannot talk about rest as I do not like to mess with my coffee indulgence. The staff is also the very amicable and friendly. 
The interiors are well thought through. The outdoors with dark ornamental furniture again adds to the exclusivity. And the wooden finish indoors with the trademark roundedness is all set to allow you immerse in your own world without that awkward loneliness. Even the big common table, is kept oval to make you not feel aloof. And the signature big rounded vase laden with coffee beans tops it, so that, the light music and the coffee aroma play the perfect tango for you. 

Coffee buds: Elated
Pocket shouts: Not very heavy 
When I look around: Princely wooden mansion 
Waiting time for tummy: Quite fast if not a crowded day 

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda
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Thursday 5 March 2015

Big Fork - Hyderabad!

For those who have been frequenting Sweet Nirvana, you are not going to miss it, as it has been wonderfully revamped into Big fork, with the stark logo, compelling you to stop by. The colorful bicycles with flower- laden baskets hanging on the wall, give a unique fresh look to the place, inviting you to climb upstairs and explore. The place has outdoors set on a lush green lawn, which is a peaceful open air dine-in, with road, not taken much, by side. The indoors are good, though not exceptional. 
Service is really good, all the waiters trying their best to enrich your experience. The team being headed by a manager like waiter, who guides you through the minute details of the authentic American dishes in a way that, you know not only what all went into the making, but how exquisitely chef has worked at every level. Coming to the food, authenticity is very apparent when you flip by this seriously non-orthodox menu. My experiment started with Ricotta stuffed Grilled Zucchini, and the moment it was served I was literally awed. The plating is what I went gaga over. Plating is something I can rate this joint at par with a 5-star. I mean it. Even the vinegar was so meticulously strewn. Stuffed Mushroom with Brocolli is yet another brilliance. If you are for a lunch or brunch, please do not forget to pair it with Watermelon Kafir or Guava twist. Chicken roasted in thyme and orange also over-shoot my expectations. The orange was astoundingly just right. Similar was the case with my dessert. To appease my curiosity as to how chilli will go with a dessert menu, I ordered, chocolate chilli mousse. Believe it or not, after every bite, you will get a mild hit of chilli, actually taking your sweet tooth by surprise. 
This is a pleasing break from the regular menu you choose from. And for plating I will rate this place 10 on 10! Find out for yourself if this is an exaggeration.

Taste buds: Pleased
Pocket shouts: Heavy
When I look around: It is summer and spring all around
Waiting time for tummy: Not very long
Keep Gorging !
- Foodie Panda
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Heart Cup Coffee - Hyderabad

As you pass by this lane of Jubilee Hills, you just cannot miss The big Heart Cup Coffee, right up there on the wall. I am not sure if they hold karaoke like their sister outlet Heart Cup Cafe, but yes I would love to be here without any pre-conceived opinion comparing with their café partner. Be it amidst the warm winter sunlight, a light brunch with sips of coffee on their roof top lounge, or a happening live music night with friends, seated around the open air bar constructed in a hut. This certainly reminds of the shacks in front of the silent waves on the beaches of South Goa. 
Over the weekends, invariably the place draws the cosmo crowd of the region. Coming to the food, again vegetarians may feel a little ignored. The non-veg offerings are many to choose from. The Chicken lasagna is best in Hyderabad I would say. Nachos with lumps of saucy chicken heaped over them with immensely fervid allure provide best blend of crunchy Nachos and soft delicately sautéed chicken. Here you just cannot go wrong with any of the oven baked pizzas. Once done with the regular stuff, if you are really keen on experimenting, go for Reshmi Kebab. The experimentation from chef will be very apparent through the fluffy egg white coat around. Stuffed mushroom will be another delightful surprise with an equally engaging dip sealed with jalapenos.
Drinks are served creatively. You get to see, even inverted Red bull cans over your cocktail! Peach Iced tea was good specially because of keeping a check on the right amount of sweetness. Tiramisu was right on the coffee side, but lacked little on the punch of rum.
Only complain is on the service which is just not at par with the concept of the place. The waiters are clueless about on most of the menu, which kind of puts you off while placing the order. 
Overall it will be an excellent leisurely indulgence!

Taste buds: Elated
Pocket shouts: Heavy
When I look around: An enclosed shack in Goa 
Waiting time for tummy: Not very long

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda
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Tuesday 3 March 2015

Flying Spaghetti Monster - Hyderabad

Just when you would be bumping onto the Tabula Rasa board at the dead end of the road, all baffled, look at your left. There it is Flying Spaghetti Monster. A logo would be hanging high off the building, a little weird one, but if you read through you will find it real creative as well. When you step in, the indoors and outdoors, both are brilliantly done. You done feel very stuffed even when the restaurant is running full.
Over and above all of this when the waiter approaches, the experience goes to the next level altogether. The menu is designed aptly to convey the authenticity of every dish served. Not only this, for many among us, who might find difficulty in put up the right order, the waiters so wonderfully guide you through. It was very apparent that they knew every detail about everything that was in the menu. Bruschettas, crisp bread, veggies, stuffed mushroom and many other exciting antipasti. For a lazy brunch, there is no dearth of refreshing insalate options. Pasta al forno was lip-smacking. I remember having swept it clean in no time. Wood fired pizza with that thin crust once again gave that wow Italian flavor. There was no usual over-do of cheese I must say, that usually takes away the pizza-ness from all that we frequently stuff in.
If you let me take you dessert order, I would not let you go without the Tiramisu and Pina Cotta. The plating itself was so tantalizing that you would hold yourself back, before digging in. But you will give in no time. Yes. And both of these just would make your day, by melting and triggering blasts of heavenly flavors.
Best authentic Italian experience is here in Hyderabad. The rest you had till date in name of Italian will seem sins you would not like to commit again!

Taste buds: Thrilled
Pocket shouts: Heavy
When I look around: Den of the Spaghetti Monster
Waiting time for tummy: Authenticity is worth this little wait

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda
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Eat India Company - Hyderabad

Nice traditional décor with tinge of blue all around provides very lively vibes just as you step in. The furniture and colorful cushions add up to the theme. Live music also hums soothing melody, all set to provide a perfect ambiance for a great experience!
But alas, a food joint cannot make up for the quality and taste of food it serves with a wondrous ambience, though we would not complain for the opposite. We would not mind sitting on utterly uncomfortable chairs to taste some utterly delicious food, served with a delightful smile. Here, somehow everything is screwed up. The starters are moderately doable only for the non-vegetarians. Vegetarians suffer right from starters to the main course. Paneer Angara Tikka was terrible. Dahi ka kebab was good. But through the main course there was no respite for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Murgh Makhmali was something I made a repeat order for.  As for the rest, I do not even remember much from the menu, other than the push each of us had to exert, to minimize the left-over. Among hard-core foodies such occasions are very rare, when instead of staring at emptied plates, each had convince other to take an extra bite. We would rather fight over the last bite than pretending to merrily offer an extra bite. You still me to elaborate on dessert?

Taste buds yell: Infuriated
Pocket shouts: Very heavy
When I look around: Only good thing, if you made to ignore service
Waiting time for tummy: Long 

Keep Gorging
- Foodie Panda
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Monday 2 March 2015

The Pasta Bar Veneto - Hyderabad

Wish to dine right under millions of stars, with no one coming in between? The Pasta Bar Veneto, is the place to be. This is a roof-top Italian restaurant with a very enticing décor. As soon as you step out of lift, you get this shiver, seeing the place is under construction. Then as you slowly tread the stone led path to the dining area, with soothing music all around, you start realizing how wrong you were and anticipating even more mysteries to unfold about the place.
The sitting is arranged both indoors and outdoors. Best time to visit is at night, as no matter the company you get there, you will end up with a dim candle light dinner in the moon lit night. The nicely done up open air cubicles with white sofas and encircled with glass panes to give a mesmerizing view of the Jubilee Hills under the silent night sky, is the best place to grab, if you are lucky enough. Live Music playing just takes it another notch above altogether.
The waiters are also very prompt and ready to serve on your table at every drop of your hat. The starters were really good. Mozarella Ricotta fingers and Cheese garlic bread would top it in my recommendations. Pizzas were fresh wood fired ones. Lasagna served here is best I have had here in Hyderabad. There are a lot many options in pasta as well. Food is really good.
If you are hanging out with friends hookah makes life even better, you would agree. Drinks are also nice. But not something you would be there for. There could not have been a better closer to this supper than the delicious Tramisu! 
If you have never been here, make sure you are soon!

Taste buds yell: Delighted
Pocket shouts: Little heavy
When I look around: Star laden night sky
Waiting time for tummy: Very less

Keep Gorging
- Foodie Panda
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Sunday 1 March 2015

DImmy's Pan Palace - Hyderabad

The place is, I will say, very strategically located beside a famous ice cream parlor Cream stone and gathers most of its visibility through the crowd, the sweet neighbor attracts. It’s a simple air-conditioned, self-service outlet, ready to serve a Pan in the most unlikely way. They serve normal Pan and meetha pan, which you can opt to start with. But if you wish to explore, you will die of choices – Special Meenakshi pan, Ladoo pan, chocolate pan, white chocolate pan. You name it. 
Once done with Pan, since there are not many options at late hours at night, here at Dimmy’s you can go for Pav Bhaji, which is really good with Lemonade. I would suggest not to dare try any of the rest in the chat list. Burf ka gola is worth a try. 
I would not recommend this place unless you badly need a place to hang-out with friends in the wee hours. Folks just grab space randomly on the stairs in front of the store and while away time and love to do so pretty often.

Taste buds yell: Okay
Pocket shouts: Light 
When I look around: Don’t bother to look beyond your group
Waiting time for tummy: Quick enough

Keep Gorging!
- Foodie Panda
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