Monday, 16 February 2015

Truffles Café - Hyderabad

Been here for a lazy Sunday brunch and ever since raring to go alone on a quite romantic dinner with the cool breeze making all the talk. Yes I am a foodie and I should jump straight onto the plate served. But the calm of the place is such that it will just hold you still for a while to think about nothing, but loving nature around. The café is built very simply keeping the rocks and boulders of Jubilee Hills as is. Surrounded by bamboo bushes, a little spring guzzling in the middle of the dining area and the simple retro interiors just ask you to sit back and relax. And going right with the theme, just when you climb stairs, you stumble a blackboard screeching aloud in the
silence – “Before I Die, I want to….“ forcing you to suddenly wake up to harsh reality. You can actually spend some great time in resurrecting yourself and reminding of your cherished forgotten wishes and dreams.
Having said that, comes the menu and the time to place our order. If you are craving for light English breakfast it’s a thumbs-up. Vegetarians might feel a little left-out in the menu. Plating and presentation is also decent as they do not want to go over-board with anything. Char-grilled items are worth a try. There is a decent range of dessert as well. Expect your thirst be quenched only by just any run-of –the –mill drink. Nevertheless the menu makes sure that you feel light, no matter how much you intend to stuff, again in line with the lightness offered by the well thought through set-up.
All said and done, since you are at the place to relax, the waiters kind of take you for granted. They in
fact leave you with ample time to relax before you get to see the food. And god save you if you intend to ask for a change in the order.
Be here just to let the calm breeze caress you and get you a much deserved break from stereotypical Eat-out day!

Taste buds yell: Happy
Pocket shouts: Little heavy
When I look around: Nature at its best
Waiting time for tummy: Way too long 

Keep gorging!
- Foodie Panda
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