Sunday, 8 February 2015

SardarJi's Dhaba - Hyderabad

Feeling the tickles at the name of Chaat, Chhole Bhature, Golgappe, Dahi Bhalle, Shikanji, Lassi,
sitting at some corner of Hyderabad?
What can assure you better of the authenticity of these North Indian Chat marvels than a ‘Sardar’ sitting at his dhaba by the side of the road with his battalion every day at 5.30 pm with an amazing range of lipsmacking snack. You stand in a queue, you order, you pay, you pick-up, you find a place to stand or sit, you eat, Sardarji bothers the least! All he bothers about is the blend of the innumerable flavors, green chutney, red chutney masala, so they set the right tone at the very first dig. When you ask for any customization, it is strictly denied. Might seem rude, but I feel it is more of an operational constraint that they need to abide by because of the demand!
If the clock strikes 9, be prepared for a sorry cut out, owing to stock-out! If it is a weekend, you would have to literally earn your plate fighting through the long queue, and this is just the beginning as the fight for the concrete road-side stairs is no different than getting a table in a posh food court. But the authenticity of dishes, unadulterated by cultural differences even though it has traveled down to Hyderabad from Delhi and Punjab, makes it all worth it.
You start with Panipuri, almost the one you gorge upon in the streets of Delhi , not its South Indian cousin. Pav Bhaji with extra butter and balloons of Bhatura will just push you into gluttony. The heat of these dishes is evenly soothed by Dahi in Dahi Bhalla, Dahi puri, Dahi samosa, Dahi kachori, so on and so forth. Samosa Cheese Sandwich, a unique blend of Samosa and Sandwich is a must try. If your throat has dried up and still you cannot get enough of it, keep a glass of Lassi as your eternal company.
I will suggest you to drag a bunch of friends along, hold one plate a friend, keep digging into and snatching from others plate and make Sardarji one of your best hangout place that reckons with sips of sweet or salty Shikanji (lemonade).

Taste buds yell: Happy
Pocket shouts: Very light

When I look around: Dodgy
Waiting time for tummy: Long on a weekend

Keep gorging!
- Foodie Panda

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