Saturday, 28 February 2015

Ri Kynjai - Shillong!

Ri Kynjai is a heritage resort one should stop by before planning to enter Shillong to experience the best in Shillong in terms of stay. Though it’s 20 km away from the city, right beside Umiam lake, still stealing some days from the trip planned in Shillong is bound to leave you longing to be back at the place, just to be there. The resort is very extensive built over some 45 acres, with a walk through the resort taking you from pine groves to paddy fields, stumbling onto some tea and vegetable plantations. Every nook and corner of the resort is inspired from traditional Khasi architecture. The best part about the resort stay are the suites, each a separate hut, whose roofs are thatched and beautifully adorned with bamboo, red pine and local stones. During twilight, the skyline seen through the suites is simply mesmerizing. Apart them they also have rooms, facing the lake. The dining space has both indoor and outdoor set-up. The pristine view outdoors stretches from resort fence to dense forest to lake, to mountains to the infinite blue sky thereafter. The indoors again have beautiful wooden architecture, with fire place and bar again reflecting inspirations from Khasi traditional interiors. At night, they light beautiful hanging lamps in the lawns and the lawn fence lighted up by flambeau, sending flames that screech aloud in the dark back-drop. This place offers authentic Khasi spa and massage as well. The have showrooms exhibiting Khasi handicrafts, where you can sneak in to indulge in some shopping also.
A wonderful place to relax has to come with an equally diverse range of food to explore for the foodie in us. Yes they specialize in the north-eastern cuisine. They deserve a shot specialy for the non-vegetarians. Fish fillets in tartar sauce is a must try. They also serve Chinese, North-Indian and continental. It is advisable to keep North-Indian aside for a while, when you are in North-east. The drinks are also average. Desserts have a wide range, but one should not expect the food here to surprise if you are not exploring typical Meghalayan Khasi menu.
An immaculate stay here in nature’s lap will send you into a trance of contentment for quite some time, if not forever!

Taste buds yell: Happy
Pocket shouts: Very heavy blow
When I look around: Pristine and serene
Waiting time for tummy: Long as clock ticks equally slow here for both guests and hosts

Keep gorging!
- Foodie Panda

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