Saturday, 28 February 2015

Peter Cat - Kolkata!

This legendary place in Kolkata does not need an introduction. Every kid to grown-up in the city will have some or the other memory attached to the place and will definitely be nostalgic about it. Celebrities frequenting the place, movies being shot every now and then, and needless to say, the history that goes back to decades, each goes in making the restaurant a must visit eat-out destination. The place is always huss and buss with visitors and managing a table in 15 minutes of waiting in queue is no less than an achievement.
So what makes it so different and special! The unique range of food they serve of-course, with their secret recipe. To my surprise their menu is literally shaped in the form of a cat. And what tops it all in the menu is – ‘Chelo Kabab’. I had heard so much about this particular dish that could not wait to order this. This is a platter with set of utterly soft chicken kebabs and two steaks of mutton kebabs. They like to serve these around fragrant rice wonderfully slithered in ghee. It is topped with a nicely done poch. Baked tomato and smashed potato also accompany these. If you are done with this dish and still left with some appetite, then prawn cocktail is a must try. Betki Muenier from their seafood section also makes it to my recommendation list. Very soft fish is battered and served smeared in white sauce. Before you realize what all went in, the soft chunks just dissolve. The buzz of sizzlers being served was aloud. When it comes to dessert, I can bet if the fullness of the dishes spares you a corner. The range is good though. Here I will also put a disclaimer; the place may not live up to its name but for the placid ambience. Every table lit by a dim hanging lamp enough just to see what you are digging in. Rest all kept dark deliberately to cut aloof each table of the other.
In your next visit to the city buzzing with yellow ambassadors, don’t forget to book one straight to the heart of Park Street and gorge on to be part of this awesome food odyssey.

Taste buds: Jumping with joy
Pocket shouts: Little heavy
When I look around: No point taking your eyes off table when it is kept dark around
Waiting time for tummy: Not very long if you manage a table

Keep gorging!
- Foodie Panda
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