Tuesday 24 February 2015

Mist N Creams - Hyderabad!

For the late, late very late night ice cream cravings Mist n Creams is an exciting haven. Get ready to
be surprised if you are expecting a fanciful pretty set-up serving the clichéd list flavors and blends.
Many of us must have read about liquid nitrogen freezing at room temperature. Most of us must have experienced the fun working in the midst of fumes disbursed suddenly some odd chemical reaction. I must be sounding quirky while discussing like mad scientist instead of talking about strawberry, mango, chocolate, xyz flavors. Yes, the first time you visit “Mist n Creams” I bet you can do without these thoughts. To put a pause to all the anxiety about this whimsical world of creamy ice creams, Mist n Creams is not an ordinary ice cream parlor serving frozen ice cream with toppings. They will actually take down order from you and instantly cook your ice cream in a blink of an eye, right in front of you. How is that possible? Liquid nitrogen, I was talking about, comes to aid. And in no time, not only your ice cream, but you too would be hemmed in fog.
All said and done how is the ice cream? My personal favorite is Kiwi-Kick. The kiwi flavored with the ice cream is served with fresh cut Kiwi which brings the right tinge of sour. I will also recommend all the other options in the menu which are served with fresh fruit. Reason being, there is not much when it comes to ingredients that go into the core flavored cream base. The extra creaminess of this particular variety is its USP, which you would not miss if you pick the right set of fresh fruits, I believe. Though black current, chocolate and coffee variants are also available for the coffee and chocolate freaks. They also serve a range of shakes with touch of extra creaminess again.
Situated in a calm location, any time after the sun sets is perfect for this magical dessert experience.

Sweet tooth yells: My favorite 
Pocket shouts: I am OK 
When I look around: Calm outdoors and magical indoors 
Waiting time for tummy: You long to see it right at the blink of your eyes 

Keep gorging!
- Foodie Panda

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