Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Menchie's - Hyderabad

Dessert can be yummilious, classy, sophisticated, traditional, creamy, hot, cold or just the perfect way
to end your meal. But hardly ever anyone said, it can be fun and engaging and be more than just a way to end you meal on a perfect note. You can end rather a day or an entire week on an awesome note. If this seems an exaggeration, be here once. “Menchie’s “ – the destination for awesome self-assembled FroYo in town.
It is a small place, with both indoor and outdoor set-up. The walls are painted in bright colors to give a peppy feel to the place. Staff is extremely humble and ready to introduce you their unique mode of helping you assemble your bowl of yogurt, the way you want it. On one side of the store, you have chain of 8 vending machines with 8 different flavors all set to get in you bowl the moment you chose them. The set of flavors change every 10 days. The fatigue of same old set every time is never going to occur even if you are a frequent visitor. You can taste every flavor and make an intelligent choice of the blend you want. Then there is range of exciting fun toppings to choose from – brownie, marshmallow, choco-chip, choco-rice, gems, wafers, jellies, nutties. You name it and it is there. To add on to the taste and healthiness, a range of fresh cut fruits, with even more vibrant range of colors – Strawberry in its pink, Kiwi in its green, blueberry in its blue, cherry in its red and what not. The journey does not end without a slurp of yummy syrups – caramel, strawberry chocolate. If you are a pedant who identifies yogurt with the tinge of sourness that tickles your tongue, might get surprised a bit, because that sign is absent because of the cream base. When it is time to pay, they will just weigh your bowl, no matter what you fold up, they will just charge you, Re 1/ gm. 
You would have definitely have had frozen yogurt before. But the sight of such colorful beautiful bowl and the satisfaction of you having done it all yourself, just ensures the feeling is like never before. Now of course you can just pull chairs and I would recommend sit outside. They are open till 11 at night, so that they be there to satiate even your late-night sudden urge for FroYo.It is basically a no fuss, self-service set-up. Have it your way!!!

Sweet tooth yells: My favorite 
Pocket shouts: Little on heavier side 
When I look around: Fun and peppy 
Waiting time for tummy: It’s you, you have to wait for 

Keep gorging!
- Foodie Panda
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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